Adam, the founder and creative director of Hubka, made his first ever kitchen for me in 2006. The cherry units with holly, bog oak and bolivar inlay look as beautiful today as they did then and the now owners of that house are just as delighted with it as I was.

So when it came to needing another new kitchen we didn’t look any further than Hubka, and boy are we glad we did. In the intervening years Adam has extended his portfolio and his flair and designs are truly original and very creative. As is his use of materials, which now include brass, stainless steel, copper, glass and of course most woods .

Our choices were vast.

We settled on oak, burr oak, brass and stainless and it all looks just amazing. Not only is our magnificent bespoke kitchen a treat to walk into each morning it offers the convenience and functionality to please any chef .

We just love it and couldn’t recommend Hubka enough. We have now commissioned new steam back dining chairs, a copper end wall and sinks for our new ensuite bathroom, and also a dressing table and fabric covered doors for our dressing room.

When one commissions work with Hubka, it’s not just a case of 'here’s me and what I can do', it’s also about what you the client likes, wants and expects - a collaboration and creative journey that definitely will not disappoint.

Lesley, Private Client

HHC have worked with Hubka for many years now on a number of highly prestigious projects.

Their work is of the highest standard and they are masters of their craft when it comes to bespoke commissions in either timber or metal.

My clients are always delighted with the finished result.

Jonathan Davies - Owner HHC

Adam at Hubka has an amazing knowledge of Cabinetry, finishes and a very good aesthetic eye.

Hubka's work in both terms of craftsmanship and quality, is of a very high standard.

Andy Cobbold - Interior Architectural Designer

Hubka is one of our favourite resources. Adam has a formidable knowledge of all things joinery related as well as so much more. They aim to please and achieve great results in doing so.

Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay - Interior Design

Hubka has completed several varied projects for us over many years. Adam and his team are hard working, professional and totally trustworthy.
His range of work is both innovative and expansive and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Jane & Roger Fellows

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